Do I need a qualified accountant?

While you are not legally obliged to have a qualified accountant, or any accountant at all, choosing a qualified accountant will provide you with the peace of mind that your finances are being dealt with correctly by people whose professional knowledge is kept up to date.

As qualified accountants, we have passed a number of tough exams in order to become a member of a professional accounting body. We are also required to undertake continuing professional development each year to ensure we are confident about the latest developments in accountancy and taxation.

We are governed by the professional bodies of which we are members and must adhere to a strict code of professional ethics and guidelines. We receive periodic inspections to ensure that our work is up to scratch.

We are also required to hold professional indemnity insurance.

Choosing an unqualified accountant is a risk as you have no proof of their knowledge or experience. Some unqualified accountants will provide a very good service but there are a large number who will not. Anyone can set up a business and call themselves an accountant even if they have never prepared a set of accounts or tax return before!

Please get in touch to learn more about the benefits of using a qualified accountant.