What information do I need to give you in order for you to prepare my…


Just give us access to your bookkeeping software (if you are not taking advantage of our FREE or discounted software packages), your bank statements and invoices for each period and we will take care of everything.

We can also prepare and submit your VAT returns as a stand-alone service or as part of our bookkeeping package.

… accounts?

We can make a start on your accounts once we have access to your bookkeeping software and bank statements covering the reporting period.

We do not generally need all of your invoices and can ask for any specific documents if we need them.

We may also ask for wages records if you maintain your own payroll and finance agreements for any new loan arrangements or hire purchase.

There may be additional paperwork required that is specific to your business but we will ask for this once preparation of your accounts has commenced.

If you are still keeping manual records, no problem, just supply these records along with the relevant bank statements and invoices etc.

We will meet you every year to have a chat about your business and go over any queries we, or you, may have to ensure that we are claiming everything we legally can.

… tax return?

Every year, around 5th April, we write to all our clients to request the information to complete their tax returns.

We send out a reminder of what was included on the previous year’s tax return along with a checklist listing other items that may need to be declared or claimed.

We will require details such as:

  • Interest and dividends received
  • Employment and pension income
  • Rental income and expenses
  • Charitable donations
  • Pension contributions
  • Other income and reliefs


When we first set up your payroll we will supply a personalised template for you to complete for each staff member detailing hours worked, rates of pay, holiday entitlement etc.

Once we have this information you simply need to provide us with the employees’ hours worked, time off sick or time taken as holiday each week or month and we will do the rest for you.

We will process the payroll, including calculating any pension or other deductions required, and notify you each pay period of what needs to be paid to your staff, to HMRC and to your pension provider.

We will also ensure that you are compliant with National Minimum Wage regulations, keep up to date with your workplace pension obligations and even keep track of holiday entitlements if you would like us to.

Let us know if you have anyone starting or leaving your employment as soon as possible and we will inform HMRC accordingly.